Terms of Service

General Terms of Service

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Duration: Our services are recurring and automatically renew for subsequent seasons. Clients will
receive a renewal notification by e-mail before services resume each year. Either party may cancel
service at any time with no fee.

Performance Standards: Good Guys will make every effort to provide Clients with a timely,
professional and pleasant experience; however, we will not be liable for delays caused by inclement
weather, employment shortages, or other reasons beyond our control and the Client is not relieved of
their responsibilities due to said delays. Timing of services is at the discretion of Good Guys and may
change from year to year due to seasonal conditions.

Payment Terms:
(1) Pay As You Go: On or about the last day of the month, Clients will receive an invoice via email
and the payment method on file will be debited for the invoice amount.
(2) Pre-Pay: A discount is applied to specific services when paying your annual lawn care program in
full. Pre-payments are non-refundable. Pre-paid services are exempt from fuel-surcharges.
(3) Deposits to begin service are refundable unless mentioned otherwise in the proposal.
(4) All invoices are due upon receipt.

Insurance: All employees of Good Guys are covered by Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and we
carry liability insurance for property damage and personal injury. We carry commercial auto coverage and
a commercial umbrella policy. Proof of insurance is available upon request.

Hidden Conditions: Hidden conditions are items or conditions not readily visible or marked. These
unseen variables can be unavoidable and as such Good Guys cannot be held responsible if damages occur
as a result of hidden conditions. Hidden conditions include items hiding under tall grass or behind
overgrown bushes, sprinkler heads, underground irrigation lines, landscape lighting wires, invisible pet
fences, drains and drain tile, water mains, utility cables, A/C lines, waterlogged areas of the lawn, etc. To
help protect your property, please inform us of any hidden conditions which may pose a hazard.

Release of Liability: By using our service, Client agrees to keep people, pets, and personal property
clear of the areas to be serviced and releases from liability of any damages sustained as a result of such.
Furthermore, Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Good Guys, its owners, employees,
subcontractors, agents, suppliers and any third party providers against any and all losses, expenses,
damages and costs incurred in relation to or arising from the use of our service. Client fully releases the
rights and ownership of any photographs made of their property by Company.

Mediation Clause: Client agrees to first pursue in good faith the mediation of any dispute arising out of
the use of our service or the subject matter of these terms before resorting to arbitration or any other
legal remedy. Mediation fees, if any, shall be divided equally among the parties involved. If as an
antecedent, a legal remedy is sought by adjudication by court, BOTH PARTIES AGREE TO A BENCH TRIAL

Ownership of Property: The Client agrees they are the owner of the property which their service area
includes. Client will not hold Company responsible if the service area is not on their property and the
rightful owner of the property claims damages or takes any legal action against Company. In such an
instance, Client will assume responsibility for any court costs, attorney fees and any other fees incurred.

Standards of Care, Per Service:

1) Lawn Mowing Service: Standard lawn service includes mowing turfgrass areas, line-trimming
(weed-whacking) around the edges of your lawn, and blowing grass clippings off of paved surfaces
and living areas. We do not offer bagging of clippings. Fees apply for overgrown lawns, see below.

2) Lawn Treatments: We offer a premium lawn treatment program to keep your turfgrass beautiful
and protect your lawn and home from destructive insects. Infectious landscape issues (weeds,
pests, systemic issues, etc.) and/or soil fortification can require multiple applications or continuing
treatment to achieve and maintain desired results. Due to these variables, Good Guys cannot be
held accountable for varying results with any treatment that we offer.

3) Weed-Free Guarantee: Applies to our 7-Application program only. If weeds are visible in your
lawn, please contact us and we will treat them at no charge to you. The limitation of remedy is
treating visible weeds with the products that we offer in a manner that adheres to the product
label directions.

4) Spring & Fall Clean-up: Our spring and fall clean-up service includes cleaning loose debris from
your lawn and landscape areas, such as leaves and sticks. Weeding, trimming, and any other
service is not included unless specified in your proposal.

5) Mulch: Unless specified in your proposal, new mulch will be installed over the existing mulch at a
depth of 1-2” of new mulch material, in a smooth manner, in existing mulched areas only. Mulch is
provided “as-is,” meaning that our supplier guarantees that it is clean of disease, weeds, mold,
fungus, etc. at time of purchase, but once it has changed hands and been geographically
relocated, there is no guarantee or warranty for aforementioned issues.

6) Weeding: Due to the unpredictable nature of weed growth, we perform weeding work at an
hourly labor rate. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of our efforts due to unseen root
systems, invasive plants, and weed infestation. This means that after we perform weeding, new
weeds can sprout overnight; possibly creating a perception of poor performance. In such instances
the Client is not relieved of their responsibilities.

7) Stump Grinding: Stump grinding is always priced separately from tree removal, unless stated in
proposal. The removal of stump grindings is also a separate price. Good Guys is not responsible
for any damages to underground systems, such as sprinkler, electrical or septic not detected by
Miss Dig nor disclosed by the Client.

8) Plantings: When a planting warranty is included in your proposal, the warranty is valid for one
calendar year from the date of planting. Replacement plants will be provided only if the plant is
dead and replacement plants are not warrantied. Good Guys is not responsible for plant death or
disfigurement caused by extreme weather conditions, herbicide exposure, Client negligence (such
as under-watering, over-watering or pet damage), pests (example: insects, fungus, rodents, deer,
etc.) or unnatural variables.

9) Grass Seed & Sod: New grass seed or sod are an effective way to add beauty to your lawn. The
success of your grass seed or sod can be hindered by extreme weather conditions, herbicide
exposure, Client negligence (such as under-watering, over-watering or pet damage), pests
(example: insects, fungus, rodents, deer, etc.) or unnatural variables. Due to these uncontrollable
variables, Good Guys does not warranty grass seed or sod planting.

10)General Landscaping: General landscaping work is guaranteed to be performed to industry
standards. There is no warranty offered. During the working process, Good Guys is not responsible
for damage or defect caused by erosion, frost heave, extreme weather conditions, Acts of God,
hidden conditions, herbicide exposure, Client negligence, pest damage (example: insects, fungus,
rodents, deer, etc.) or unnatural variables.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is important. If something goes wrong, we want to help. We
ask that you communicate any dissatisfaction with us in a timely manner. Complaints regarding the
quality of workmanship must be received within 72 hours of service. Property damage must be reported
within 14 days of service. Good Guys will coordinate repairs and any third party repairs that are not
approved will not be reimbursed and will waive our liability in the complaint. Complaints do not relieve
Client from payment or other responsibilities.

Client Responsibilities: All charges are the responsibility of the Client who authorized our service.
Should we be required to take legal action to enforce any of these clauses, Client may be responsible for
costs that apply per local statute. Legal situations that are not the responsibility of Good Guys (i.e.
disputed property lines, lawsuit from a neighbor, etc.) but require our legal action, are billed to the Client
at $150.00 per hour plus any legal or lawyer fees incurred by Company.

Acceptance: By accepting our service, you accept our Terms of Service and enter into an agreement
both legal and binding, which is joint and severally liable among all parties. If any provision of this
agreement is held invalid or unenforceable by any court of final jurisdiction, it is the intent of the parties
that all other provisions of this agreement be construed to remain fully valid, enforceable and binding
across all the parties. Please read this entire document thoroughly to avoid miscommunication. This
document supersedes any other written, verbal, assumed, or prior agreement.

Fee Schedule:

Fuel Surcharge
When the price of unleaded regular fuel rises above $3.00 per gallon a fuel surcharge will be applied to lawn
care and snow removal services. Prepaid services are exempt from fuel surcharges.

Price/Gal                Fuel Surcharge
$3.00 – $3.50              5%
$3.50 – $4.00              6%
$4.00 – $4.50              7%
$4.50 – $5.00              8%
$5.00 – $5.50              9%
$5.50 – $6.00             10%
Every $0.50 after       +1%

Overgrown Turfgrass 
Grass Height 6-8”            1.50 x Price Per Visit
Grass Height 8-10”          2.00 x Price Per Visit
Grass Height 10-12”        2.50 x Price Per Visit
Grass Height 12+”           TBD

Overgrown Lawn Edging

Edging overgrown sidewalk 1-2″             3 x Edging Rate
Edging overgrown sidewalk 2-4″            4 x Edging Rate
Edging overgrown sidewalk 4-6″            5 x Edging Rate
Edging overgrown sidewalk 6″+             TBD


Late Fee               Greater of $15 or 12% APR                 Payment not received by next billing date (monthly)
NSF Fee               $45                                                          Payment returned as Non-Sufficient Funds
Trip Fee               Lesser of $49 or price per visit          When unable to perform service due to hindrances on Client’s property this fee will cover the trip to the property
Paper Billing       $4.99/month                                        This small fee covers the office materials and labor involved in preparing and mailing documents

We trust your experience with Good Guys will be pleasant and enjoyable.
If you feel we can improve upon our standards, your feedback is always welcome.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.