Mulch Installation

Professional Ann Arbor Mulch Installation

Mulch Services

Fresh mulch can be the facelift your landscape needs. A new layer every year is ideal to combat weeds, promote plant health and, of course, to complement the scenery. But do you have the time and energy to do the job? When you let Good Guys perform your plant and tree mulching service, you free up your weekends to do something you actually enjoy.

Good Guys truly cares about maintaining your property as much as you do. We know that a well-kept property greatly improves the appearance, enjoyment and value of your home.

Mulch Services

In addition to installing your new mulch, we can also provide the prep work and after care that your beds need. It’s important to consider the prep-work when thinking about your complete mulch job. This prep-work can be extensive and include weeding and cleaning of the beds, and additional maintenance tasks such as grass removal and trench edging. After the beds are fully prepped, it’s time to install your fresh mulch!

Once your new mulch is installed, we offer the after-care your beds need to stay looking their best. Our routine bed maintenance service can provide you and your beds with consistent care so they stay looking great all season long.

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