Moisture Management

Moisture Management in Ann Arbor

Enhance Your Lawn’s Health with
Moisture Management

We all know that lawns require watering. Do you also know that a lawn’s health can be improved with less water? Moisture management helps retain water in the soil, even during a drought, by reducing the amount of water your grass requires by up to 50%. This treatment is aimed at high-value turfgrass that has in-ground sprinkler systems. It reduces the water required but does not eliminate watering.

Our moisture management specialty application is designed to reduce watering frequency — and its associated expense — by helping plants utilize soil moisture that would otherwise be lost to evaporation. This product attracts water molecules in the soil to create usable water droplets in the plant’s root zone.

This product offers several benefits:

  • Reduces watering requirements
  • Protects against drought stress
  • Increases nutrient efficiency
  • Reduces or eliminates dry spots
  • Improves seed germination

Let us help you manage your lawn’s moisture, maintaining its health and optimizing its appearance.

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