Leading Landscaping Company in Ypsilanti, MI

Wide Range of
Landscaping Services

Good Guys is Ypsilanti’s premier landscaping and lawn care business. Get in touch with us for your:

  • Lawn Care: Mowing and edging, fertilizer and weed control, lawn health services, spring cleanup, fall leaf removal and sprinkler system maintenance.
  • Landscaping: Flower bed and landscape maintenance, mulch installation, plant and tree care, and ornamental insect control.
  • Snow Removal: Plowing and shoveling of driveways, front walk and entryway, public sidewalks.

Why Call On the
Good Guys?

Good Guys is a leading lawn care business that enjoys a well-earned reputation for doing outstanding work, providing excellent service, offering access to the latest scheduling software for our clients’ convenience and guaranteeing our work.

Good Guys employees exhibit a level of professionalism rarely seen in the landscaping business. They wear uniforms, abstain from smoking or swearing while on the job, and enjoy the backing of a company that treats them well.   

Take Back Your

Not only does hiring a lawn care company result in a healthier, better-looking lawn, but it also saves you the time you might otherwise be required to spend doing your own maintenance. Plus, a well-maintained property increases the enjoyment and value of your home. When you work with Good Guys, you get: your weekends back to enjoy your life, your family and your property; a home and property that have increased in value; and a healthy lawn that looks amazing. Three cheers for Good Guys!

How Long Is Your Weekend To-Do List?

Let us help you enjoy your lawn and take back your weekend.