Lawn Overseeding Services in Ann Arbor

Can You Have Too Much of a
Good Thing?

Overseeding grass is a great way to revitalize your lawn, getting it back to the thick, lush and healthy lawn you once had. Every lawn needs overseeding as part of maintaining its optimal and long-term health.

Unlike reseeding, which is the planting of an entirely new lawn, overseeding is the process of adding seed to the existing grass without turning the soil. In Michigan, the best time to overseed is during the spring or fall when temperatures are cool.

How Is Grass
Overseeding Performed?

Seed is evenly broadcast across the entire lawn. Good Guys knows that the best time to overseed is immediately after a core aeration. Additionally, we use a premium seed blend designed for Michigan lawns which ensures excellent results.

This process is essential to maintaining the health of high-value turfgrass and improving the appearance of your lawn. The trusted, experienced professionals at Good Guys get results, which is why you should leave the task of overseeding to the experts!

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