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Weed Control

We all want to look out our windows and see a lush, weed-free lawn — and we want to achieve that without sacrificing our weekends and our backs. Good Guys, your local yard fertilization company, offers a specialty grass fertilization and weed control program that brings your lawn back to life. Let us do the hard work so you can enjoy your property as you watch its value increase. Read on to learn more about our lawn care fertilizer services.

About Our Fertilizer and Weed Control Program

We are completely confident that our fertilizer and weed control program will give you a beautiful lawn. Our program is super effective at controlling weeds that grow during every stage of spring and summer — yes, they germinate all season long!

Is your lawn lush and weed-free at the moment? If so, that is fantastic news, but that’s not by chance: Either the sod farm, the previous homeowner or you put in great effort to achieve that result. If that same level of effort is not continued, your lawn will slowly degrade and the weeds will move back in if they are allowed to germinate without control.

With Good Guys, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn is getting the fertilizer and weed control it needs to stay healthy, vibrant and the best on the block, while you enjoy your weekends!

The Good Guys
Weed-Free Guarantee

Our fertilizer and weed control program includes this special guarantee: Spot a weed? Contact us and we will happily schedule a return visit at no cost to you. It’s like having a butler for your lawn! More details will be provided in your proposal.

How Long Is Your Weekend To-Do List?

Let us help you enjoy your lawn and take back your weekend.