Soil Optimization

Professional Soil Care in Ann Arbor

Soil Treatment for
Improved Soil Health

Soil optimization is not just for golf courses and hotels anymore! Good Guys offers everything you need to keep your lawn lush and healthy, including specialty applications generally reserved for high-value turfgrass. Our soil optimizer enhances the soil’s ability to retain the nutrients your lawn needs. It provides all the benefits (and more) of a compost top-dressing in a routinely scheduled application — one that you don’t have to spend your weekends applying yourself!

Our soil optimizer maximizes the availability of water and nutrients to help achieve and maintain the healthiest lawn possible. Our formulation:

  • Maximizes soil conditions that create deeper, stronger roots
  • Balances soil pH to encourage proper growth for a healthy lawn
  • Helps to regenerate poorly growing lawn areas, creating a lusher appearance
  • Improves nutrient absorption, increasing the efficiency of fertilizer
  • Optimizes water uptake to reduce the amount of watering required

Let the Good Guys optimize your soil so you can maximize the enjoyment of your lawn and the value of your property!

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