Professional Landscaping Company in Canton, MI

How Long Is Your Weekend
To-Do List?

Does your summer outdoor chore list include mowing the lawn, applying fertilizer, spreading mulch, trimming shrubs, weeding the flower beds, seeding the lawn, etc.? Do you do your own spring yard cleanup and fall leaf removal? If so, it looks like your weekends are chock-full of yardwork — not to mention the visits to the big-box and hardware stores for supplies and tools and trips to the gas station for fuel for your mower and lawn blower. Phew!

Wouldn’t you rather take your family on a nice weekend trip, a visit to the zoo, a barbecue at a friend’s house or just about anything else? When you decide that you’ve had enough of lawn work and you need to find a good lawn care and landscaping business to ease your burden, contact Good Guys to learn how we will help. Isn’t it time to take back your weekends?

The Good Guys Do It All and
We Do It Well

Our comprehensive list of lawn care and landscaping services includes:

  • Lawn mowing and edging
  • Applying fertilizer products
  • Performing core aeration of the soil
  • Overseeding grass as needed
  • Controlling weeds in lawns and beds
  • Defending against insect infestations
  • Keeping lawns and homes insect-free
  • Maintaining lawn sprinkler systems
  • Providing a range of landscaping services
  • Performing spring and fall yard cleanups
  • Removing snow from driveways and sidewalks

Good Guys is the lawn care company homeowners in Canton need and deserve. We are happy to take over one, some or all of the yard-related work on your weekend to-do list so you enjoy your time away from work. Enjoy your family, your home and your free time while your lawn gets healthy and beautiful and your property increases in value. It’s a win-win-win situation!

How Long Is Your Weekend To-Do List?

Let us help you enjoy your lawn and take back your weekend.