A Progressive and Innovative Company Since 2003

What Makes Good Guys

We’ve learned that the level of care we show our employees is integral to providing our clients with a high level of care. Good Guys is the first landscaping company in our area to offer a range of innovative, progressive and unprecedented programs to its staff. We are proud of our ability to create and retain a happy, courteous and productive staff.

We Foster a Positive Work Environment

Good Guys is fully committed to creating meaningful and sustainable jobs. We are on a mission to be the area’s most progressive landscaping company and provide jobs our employees enjoy along with the benefits that allow them to thrive.

We encourage a supportive and uplifting work atmosphere that discourages negativity and sarcasm. We believe that providing a safe and fair work environment is integral to the success of both our company and our employees. We promote transparency, an open-door policy and conflict resolution to ensure that small issues are addressed and not allowed to fester.

We focus on developing and promoting leaders from within. We value offering promotions and opportunities for advancement to our existing staff.

We Offer Our Employees Many Benefits

Health Care: We are proud to be the first landscaping company in the area to offer medical and dental insurance to staff at all levels. 

A Living Wage: All our full-time employees are paid above the industry standard. We believe in honest wages and investing in our employees.

Profit Sharing: We distribute profit sharing checks twice per year to reward our employees for their hard work. This is our way of showing appreciation to our staff who show up every day and get the work done.

Savings Plan: Our savings plan allows staff to save directly out of their paychecks. We offer a 100% company-matched contribution to encourage this excellent habit. This plan is a huge hit!

Financial Training: We bring in a local financial advisor monthly to instruct our staff on financial principles such as budgeting, debt reduction, saving, investing, home-buying and more.

Retirement Planning: We offer a company-matched 401k retirement plan. Thanks to this plan, our employees have never felt more secure about their futures.

Car Buying Program: We buy used cars and offer them to our employees with interest-free loans. When an unexpected breakdown occurs, this program provides a lifeline to employees who are rebuilding their credit.

Footwear Allowance: Comfortable and safe footwear in our field of work is a simple need that often goes unmet due to the high cost of work boots. We offer an annual footwear allowance to help cover the cost of work boots for our employees.

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Good Guys?

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