Snow Removal Terms of Service

Snow Removal Terms of Service

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Duration: Good Guys services are recurring and will automatically renew prior to the start of each season. Clients will receive
a renewal notification by e-mail before services resume each year. Either party may cancel service at any time. Season rates
are non-refundable.

Performance Standards: Good Guys will make every effort to provide clients with a timely, professional, and pleasant
service experience. However, Good Guys will not be liable for delays caused by inclement weather, employment shortages, or
other reasons beyond its control and the client is not relieved of their responsibility to pay due to such delays. Residential
snow removal operations begin when snowfall resides AND snow has accumulated at least 1-inch (per Ann Arbor ordinance).
The timing of a snow removal visit depends on geographic position in route, timing of snowfall-end, traffic, depth and
severity of snowfall, among other factors. For these reasons no guarantee is made on when a snow removal visit will be

Return Visits: If additional snow should accumulate after Good Guys has completed an initial snow removal visit, and it
accumulates to at least 1-inch, Good Guys will perform another visit and it will be charged as a normal snow removal visit. In
the case of a municipal plow truck pushing snow in a client’s driveway after Good Guys has completed a snow removal visit,
it is the client’s responsibility to request a return visit by phone or email. Such visits are charged as a normal snow removal
visit. Season Rate clients are exempt from charges for return visits for 1-inch or more of snow and when plowed in by city.

Payment Terms:
(1) Per Visit (Pay-As-You-Go): On or about the last day of the month, clients will receive an invoice via email and the
payment method on file will be debited for the invoiced amount.
(2) Season Rate: Season-Rates are paid at time of sign-up and are nonrefundable after a one-week grace period.
(3) All invoices are due upon receipt.

Insurance: Employees of Good Guys are covered by Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and we carry liability insurance for
property damage and personal injury. We carry commercial auto coverage and a commercial umbrella policy. Proof of
insurance is available upon request.

Hidden Conditions: Hidden conditions are objects or conditions not readily visible or marked (for example, a well-head
buried in snow off the side of a driveway). Hidden conditions can be unavoidable and as such Good Guys cannot be held
responsible if damages occur. Any hidden conditions present within 10 feet of the service area should be marked with a high
visibility marker. To help protect your property, please inform Good Guys of any potentially hidden conditions which may
pose a hazard.

Waiver of Liability: Client agrees to keep people, pets, and personal property clear of the areas to be serviced and releases
from liability of any damages to such. Furthermore, client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Good Guys, its
owners, employees, subcontractors, agents, suppliers and any third party providers against any and all losses, expenses,
damages and costs incurred in relation to or arising from the use of our service. Client fully releases the rights and ownership
of any photographs made of their property.

Good Guys snow removal equipment includes the use of heavy, metal snowplows. While every precaution will be taken, snowplows
have an inherent risk of damage to pavement, especially pavement that is uneven or in disrepair. Additionally, snow plowing is not
advised for brick paver areas.

Good Guys snow removal equipment is designed for use on paved surfaces; however, we are glad to provide service for areas which
are gravel. In such instances, we are not responsible for displaced gravel or other related damages.

The use of salt may adversely affect vegetation, pavement and humans or pets who come into contact with it or ingest it.

Good Guys cannot predict which direction run-off will travel when snow melts, and therefore is not responsible for any issues or
damage related to water run-off that occurs when snow melts.

Good Guys aims to provide exceptional service, however; there is no guarantee that a client’s property will be free from slippery
surfaces at all hours of the day, each and every day. It’s simply not realistic to make this guarantee, and therefore Good Guys cannot
be held liable for any injuries that occur on client’s property.

Mediation Clause: Client agrees to first pursue in good faith the mediation of any dispute arising out of the use of Good
Guys services or the subject matter of these terms before resorting to arbitration or any other legal remedy. Mediation fees,
if any, shall be divided equally among the parties involved. If as an antecedent, a legal remedy is sought by adjudication by
court, both parties agree to a bench trial and BOTH PARTIES WAIVE THEIR RIGHTS TO A TRIAL BY JURY.

Ownership of Property: The client agrees that the areas of property to be serviced are indeed owned by client and do not
belong to a neighbor or third party. Client will not hold Good Guys responsible if any areas mistakenly identified by client are
not their property. Client will assume responsibility for any court costs, attorney fees and any other fees incurred in such an

Season-Rate: Good Guys offers a special prepaid rate “Season-Rate” which includes unlimited visits within the terms of our
service. Clients who chose our Season-Rate receive the same level of care as Per-Visit. Below are special terms which apply to
Season-Rate only.

Non-Refundable: Season-Rates are nonrefundable. For new clients, there is a one-week grace period in which service may be
cancelled, beginning on the date of acceptance – not the date which payment is made.

Non-Transferable: In the event the property is sold, the service will be cancelled and no refund due. Service may NOT remain active
for the new owner. Please consider this when planning to sell your property.

Frequency of Visits: The visits included with a Season-Rate will come at the same frequency as Per Visit. There is no difference in
how often or how many visits are performed. If a heightened level of service is desired, Good Guys has a commercial snow removal
division which is triggered by lower tolerances of snow and ice.

Exemptions: Season-rate clients are exempt from the following fees and charges: Fuel Surcharge and Tiered Snow-Depth Fees.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our goal. If something goes wrong, we want to help. We ask that you
communicate any dissatisfaction with us in a timely manner. Complaints regarding the quality of workmanship must be
received within 72 hours of service. Property damage must be reported within 14 days of service and Good Guys will
coordinate repairs. Any third party repairs initiated by the client, without prior approval by Good Guys, will not be
reimbursed and client agrees to release Good Guys of liability in the complaint. Complaints do not relieve client from
payment or other responsibilities.

Client Responsibilities: All charges are the responsibility of the client who authorized our service. Should we be required to
take legal action to enforce any of these clauses, client may be responsible for costs that apply per local statute. Legal
situations that are not the responsibility of Good Guys (i.e. disputed property lines, plant ownership, etc.) but require our
legal action, are billed to the client at $150.00 per hour, plus third party fees incurred.

Acceptance: By accepting our service, you accept our Terms of Service and enter into an agreement both legal and binding,
which is joint and severally liable among all parties. If any provision of this agreement is held invalid or unenforceable by any
court of final jurisdiction, it is the intent of the parties that all other provisions of this agreement be construed to remain fully
valid, enforceable and binding across all the parties. Please read this entire document thoroughly to avoid
miscommunication. This document supersedes any other written, verbal, assumed, or prior agreement.

Fee Schedule:

Tiered Snow-Depth Fee

The more it snows, the more time and resources are required to complete a snow removal visit. For this reason, the pricing tier for
Per Visit service is as follows. Good Guys will determine snow depth.

1-4”: Per Visit Price                                        12-15″: 2.5 times Per Visit Price
4-8”: 1.5 times Per Visit Price                      15-18″: 3 times Per Visit Price
8-12”: 2 times Per Visit Price                       18-21″: 3.5 times, and so forth for each additional 3” increment

Late Fee               Greater of $15 or 12% APR                 Payment not received by next billing date (monthly)
NSF Fee               $45                                                          Payment returned as Non-Sufficient Funds
Trip Fee               Lesser of $49 or price per visit          When unable to perform service due to hindrances on Client’s property this fee will cover the trip to the property
Paper Billing       $4.99/month                                        This small fee covers the office materials and labor involved in preparing and mailing documents


We trust your experience with Good Guys will be pleasant and enjoyable.
If you feel we can improve upon our standards, your feedback is always welcome.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.