Tree Care

Maintain the Health of Your Trees

Professional Tree Care in
Ann Arbor

Trees increase the value of your property, clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide, abate neighborhood and traffic noises, slow water runoff to help prevent flash flooding, help prevent soil erosion, and cool our homes and streets — and they are beautiful, especially in the spring and fall! For all these reasons, homeowners need to ensure that their trees remain healthy. 

If you don’t have the time or expertise to properly care for your ornamental trees, let the Good Guys come to your rescue! The tree experts at our tree care company understand what makes trees in Ann Arbor grow and thrive. Take advantage of the various quality tree care services we offer so you can spend your weekends doing what you like best.

We help you protect your investment in your landscaping by applying the following types of products: fertilizers formulated to meet the specific needs of the trees and type of soil in your yard; deep root fertilizers applied 6” to 8” below the surface of the soil to add the nutrients required to help trees grow and produce flowers and fruits; and insect control products that are applied via pressurized spraying, tree injection or soil drench.

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