Summer Lawn Care Tips to Help Your Lawn Beat the Heat

As the summer sun warms up, your lawn needs a little extra TLC to stay lush and green. At Good Guys Lawn Care, we understand the importance of proper summer lawn care to keep your yard looking its best. Here are some essential tips to help your lawn thrive during the hottest months of the year:

1. Water Wisely: During summer, your lawn’s water needs increase significantly. To combat the heat, consider turning up your irrigation system or watering more frequently. Aim to water early in the morning or late in the evening to minimize evaporation and ensure deep root penetration. This helps your grass stay hydrated and resilient against the summer heat.

2. Raise the Mowing Height: Adjusting your mower to a higher setting during summer is crucial. Taller grass shades the soil, which helps to retain moisture and keeps the roots cooler. Set your mower blade to cut no more than one-third of the grass height at a time. This promotes healthier growth and reduces stress on your lawn during heatwaves.

3. Reduce Foot Traffic: During periods of extreme heat, limit foot traffic on your lawn as much as possible. Frequent walking or playing on dry, stressed grass can cause damage and compaction, making it harder for your lawn to recover. Encourage family members and pets to stick to pathways or designated play areas to preserve the health of your grass.

4. Monitor for Signs of Stress: Keep an eye out for signs of heat stress such as wilting, browning, or a bluish-gray hue to the grass blades. If you notice these signs, it’s important to adjust your watering schedule or provide additional hydration to prevent damage. Consider using a screwdriver test to check soil moisture levels and ensure your lawn is getting adequate water.

5. Maintain Your Equipment: Regularly maintain your lawn care equipment, including sharpening mower blades and keeping your irrigation system in good working order. Dull mower blades can tear grass, leading to browning and increased susceptibility to heat stress. A well-maintained irrigation system ensures efficient water distribution, helping your lawn stay healthy throughout the summer.

6. Include Core Aeration: Consider adding core aeration to your lawn care regiment in the spring or fall seasons. This process promotes deeper and denser root growth, enhancing your lawn’s ability to withstand the stress of summer heat. This results in a healthier, more resilient lawn that can thrive throughout the season.

By following these simple tips from Good Guys Lawn Care, you can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful even during the peak heat of the season. Remember, a little extra care goes a long way in maintaining a beautiful lawn that you can enjoy all season long. Happy summer lawn care!